About Us

An independent journalism platform, SohoDeck aims to recognize, celebrate and share stories of inspiring women who have paved their path, despite all odds. Women have played a pivotal role in transforming the world from time immemorial, and we aim to bring voice to these women who continue to transform the lives of many with resilience and grit. 

SohoDeck will carry stories of women entrepreneurs, artists, homemakers, mothers, health workers, sportswomen, leaders, social workers, and others from every sphere of life.

SohoDeck is the brainchild of three friends with a journalism background, who felt the need to come together to start a news venture that reflected the work women do around us. 

Needless to say, our journey will be incomplete without all your support, and we look forward to growing along with you.

Our Logo

The logo for SohoDeck designed by Germany-based graphic designer Amrith Nambiar reflects the thought behind our startup. The ‘S’ and ‘D’ in the logo is in the shape of a box, which is not fully closed. “Think out of the box” is the common statement we come across in our daily life, even though at times sticking to the box is more meaningful. Our stories will be a culmination of both staying in the box, and thinking out of the box, as and when needed, and this logo reflects that exact idea.