Delhi HC Judge Pratibha Singh says India will prosper if women are respected

“India will prosper if we respect our women,” Delhi High Court Justice Pratibha M Singh said while giving her inaugural address at an event organised by FICCI’s WISE council.

While addressing women participants and women entrepreneurs during the program — ‘Facing the Unseen barriers: Addressing Challenges faced by women in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEM)’ — Justice Singh said, “Indian women are doing good in STEM.”

She also shared some data that showed that in India STEM graduates are 43%, while in the US it is 34%, 38% in the UK, 27% in Germany, and 32% in France. “India is 43% which shows we are educating our girls well.”

She added from her personal experience that women are most respected in Asian countries.

While sharing her experience in the legal field justice Singh said that “earlier there was a taboo that women lawyers are not good homemakers as they may keep arguing all the time with their husbands. Now things have been changing. I can say that women lawyers are the best wives as they know the working and outcome of the court proceedings.”

Justice Singh said that now we have 12 woman judges in the Delhi High court. There are a lot of opportunities in law for women. We encourage them to come to join law and litigate.

On this occasion, the WISE (Woman in Science and Entrepreneurship) logo was also released by Justice Singh and other dignitaries.

During her keynote address Vibha Dhawan, Director General TERI, discussed the role women play in Science. She said “there is no subject in which we can’t excel. Girls are excelling the boys every year.”

At the beginning of the programme Anand Iyer, chairperson of WISE focused on the need for a support system for women.