PhD at 41, Ambili irons out hurdles in life

Hardwork and perseverance always pushed Ambili forward to face any challenges in life. The 41-year-old who filled in her father’s ironing job after he passed away, is now a PhD holder. 

To make ends meet, Ambili had to take up an ironing job. Amidst all the hardships, she managed to find time for her studies and completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s through distance education. She also cleared the SET (State Eligibility Test) to pursue a teaching career. Her mother Shanta always had her back and encouraged her to never give up in life.

Ambili with her mother Photo credit: Mathrubhumi

Ambili’s life took a turn for the better after she was appointed as a Malayalam Guest Lecturer at Christ Self Financing College in Iringalakuda, Kerala. There, she was guided by teachers and was encouraged to pursue research. She did her PhD on the portrayal of a family in Malayalam short stories. She did her thesis under the guidance of M.R. Rajesh, a lecturer at Sree Kerala Varma College.

With her grit and resilience, she paved out the way. A failed marriage, financial burden, and family’s responsibility did not waver her from fulfilling her dream. Today, Ambili is proud to have reached this stage in her life. But, she hasn’t stopped striving as she is planning to do a post-doctorate degree soon. 

Talking to Kerala’s news media Mathrubhumi, Ambili said, “My friends and colleagues have always supported me, they also give their clothes for ironing and I happily do it. I have a lot of respect for my work. I don’t want to be caught between failures. If you look back and whine, you will lose today and tomorrow.”