Meet Sangamithra, who defied societal pressure for marriage to secure first rank in Kerala’s Women Civil Excise exam


Sangamithra Sasidharan, 30, from Alleppey, Kerala, is today happy that her parents did not give heed to relatives and neighbours who kept asking them why they were not marrying off their daughter. More power to her parents Sasidharan and Leelavathy who gave wings to their daughter’s dream and helped her secure 1st rank in the state’s Women Civil Excise exam. Without any grace marks she was able to secure 70 marks in the written exam held in 2018.

“I am proud of my daughter and I was particular about her getting a job before marriage. As parents, it’s our duty to keep her happy in all ways possible and guide her through the right path. After marriage, there will be lots of responsibilities coming her way. As a girl’s parents, we won’t be able to help her much. Now I will be happy to marry her off, ” said Leelavathy.

Sangamithra with her parents Sasidharan TP and Leelavathy S

It wasn’t a cakewalk for Sangamithra to reach this position. Today, when she looks back there were moments of despair, anxiety, and sorrow. But, as nothing is permanent, that phase of her life too passed. Now, Sangamithra has joined as a trainee in the Excise Office, Alleppey, and is set to go for her training sessions scheduled to begin next month.

“I believe in staying positive. I always knew that I would be securing 1st rank for the psc exam, I wasn’t being overconfident. It’s just that I truly believe in the saying that if you desire something and work for it, you will succeed one day,” said Sangamithra. 

“I am extremely grateful to my parents who encouraged me to study and told me not to bother about the family expenses. Though they had many health issues, they continued to go to work and support me all way possible, despite having crossed their retirement age. Now it’s my turn to pay them back,” exclaimed Sangamithra. 

“Physical test was another hurdle to overcome to make it to the final list. I have always been this chubby since childhood and to pass eight sporting activities was a herculean task. Every day I used to get up at 3 am and head to the ground to practice for the physical test. I am proud that I passed the test, despite being on the heavier side. People have also asked me with surprise how I managed to clear the physical test,” said Sangamithra. 

Sangamithra who has completed her graduation and post-graduation in English and also has a B.ed, started preparing for PSC exams in 2017. 

Though Sangamithra started her career as a teacher in a private school she wasn’t happy about the salary or the security of the job.

She emphasizes that the security of a Government job cannot be replaced by any other private jobs. Earning a job with your ability and hard work makes it special. During the pandemic times when people were losing their private jobs without any prior notice, government employees were all tension free. 

“I started studying seriously when the unpredictability of private jobs worried me. Nothing is impossible, it’s just that we are not working hard and believing in ourselves. Systematic study and understanding the patterns of each exam can help anyone crack the PSC exams,” added Sangamithra.