Magic Circle elects first female president

Megan Swann has been elected as the first female president of The Magic Circle in its 116-year history. The 28-year-old magician has been involved in society since she was 10.

The Magic Circle, which first admitted women in 1991, said Megan was elected with a “resounding majority”.

Megan announcing her feat on Twitter wrote: “Super proud to have been elected as President of The Magic Circle last night! Especially proud to be the first female President, and with @KRhodesMagician as VP it was definitely a historic election.”

Megan fell in love with magic at the age of five when she was given her first magic set and has been performing magic ever since. 

She loves entertaining people, watching their faces light up in awe and wonder, and hearing gasps of astonishment as she performs her spellbinding routines.

She learned much of her craft at the Young Magician’s Club, a youth initiative of The Magic Circle. Being taught by some of the world’s best magicians from such an early age gave Megan a really strong foundation in both technical and presentation skills, and she has since continued her training with professional magicians from around the world. 

Megan during a ‘green magic‘ show

Megan graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in wildlife conservation and still works part-time as a policy officer for the British Veterinary Association, advising it on issues such as the environmental impact of parasiticides. This has fed into her brand of “green magic”.

There are about 1,500 members of the Magic Circle and Swann estimated that 5 percent were women. “The magic world is still very male-dominated and there aren’t that many female magicians, so there is still work to be done to encourage more women to get into magic,” she told a leading daily.