Afghan-origin journalist Ariana Abawe urges people to stand united with Afghanistan

People looking to flee Afghanistan. Photo credit: AFP

The world is watching the Afghanistan situation with a heavy heart and is voicing concerns for the country’s citizens, especially the girls and the women, fearing the return of “the darkest days.” 

The Afghan people need the support of the international community now more than ever, and every single person concerned are trying their bit to help the people in the war-torn nation.

One such effort is being made by an Afghan national Ariana Abawe who urges all across the world to “stand united with Afghanistan during these hard times,” a request that also reflects the idea of a charity event she is organising in London.

Ariana Abawe

Ariana is an Afghanistan-origin journalist based out of London. She is the founder and editor of Afghanistan’s Ariana Magazine.

Speaking to Soho Deck, Ariana said the event is organised to showcase the beauty of Afghanistan and raise money for the less fortunate people to provide them with food packets and other essentials.

Ariana’s charity event is jointly organised by British-Afghan actor Bizhan Neromand and is scheduled for September 1 in London.

The motto of the event is to keep the Afghan culture alive.

Ariana, who has worked with a range of publications, said: “Afghanistan is much more than war. The country has talented individuals from artists, and writers, to teachers. The country has a rich history and culture.”

Through her event Ariana wishes people to understand and appreciate the rich heritage and talent her nation has, which is under threat now. She aims to spread awareness among the international community.

Speaking on the present scenario in Afghanistan, the journalist said: “The situation in Afghanistan is messy, especially near and inside the airport area where people are crowded and fighting to get out.”

“Everyone’s family is planning to leave the country. Some of my relatives want to stay there, as it is their homeland. But the majority intends to flee Afghanistan,” she said.

The Taliban take over has left Afghanistan in peril after the US-backed government collapsed and President Ghani fled the country.

Like any other person, Ariana too doubts Taliban’s words – maintaining a peaceful situation and respecting women – she said: “The Taliban has always had a bad reputation. They are known for their brutal acts of violence. If they couldn’t keep their words in the past decades, how can they now?”

“In Islam, women’s rights are protected, but the Taliban have shown otherwise.”

On August 17, Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s longtime spokesman, in his first-ever public appearance, addressed a news conference where he promised the Taliban would honor women’s rights within the norms of Islamic law, without elaborating.

The journalist said her female friends want to flee the country because of the Taliban and what they stand for.

The inequality of movement, information access, and power that Afghanistan women experience is going from bad to worse 

The past oppression by the Taliban is fresh in the minds of the women. They were banned from going to schools, working, and moving out of the house without a male companion.

Ariana started her magazine in August last year to showcase the beautiful side of Afghanistan to the world.

Through the magazine, the journalist intends to showcase talented individuals in the Afghan community from artists, to actors, to entrepreneurs, to writers, and much more. She said the magazine aims to shed light on the much positive side of Afghanistan. She also wants to show non-Afghans’ connections to Afghanistan and how they are helping its people.

Ariana appealed to the people worldwide to keep educating themselves and the future generation about every situation around the world, particularly Afghanistan.

“Keep raising awareness and allow refugees to enter your countries and allow protection. Donate to charities and help those in need.”