Australia gets its first women-only mental health hospital

Australia gets its first women-only mental health hospital. This is an initiative by Cabrini Health, a not-for-profit health service.
The founders of this hospital say that this is crucial at a time when pandemic has driven family violence and serious health issues to record highs, and women are avoiding treatment because they feel unsafe in mental health wards housing both genders.
The 30-bed centre scheduled to open in September in Elsternwick, Melbourne will offer stays of up to 10 days and will specialise the treatment of depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction and offer gender-targeted therapies.
Cabrini Health CEO Sue Williams said that women’s mental health had fared worse than men’s during the pandemic.
In September last year, Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, who runs The Alfred Hospital’s women’s mental health clinic in Melbourne, said that they have been flooded with cases of women seeking support.
Four psychiatrists have been hired for the hospital, which is being housed in a former rehabilitation home owned by Cabrini. Rooms in the hospital will be named after prominent Australian women.


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